“You have sent me a promotional email, what makes you think your copy won’t end up in MY TRASH?”

I will select all and delete anything received in my promotional inbox or anything which might sound like Clickbait, so to speak. Even if I read it, I will look for that hidden UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of the page before deleting it, and with a great amount of pride, I will click it and feel a sense of accomplishment.

I mean, come on, Put yourself in your audience’s position. How many times have you read a complete promotional article and how many times have you taken a specific action following an email received in your VERY PERSONAL inbox? I assume, 90 out of100 times you would have done what everyone does. I do it; SELECT ALL AND DELETE. Tell me the truth, haven’t you?

You tell me, why would I read your copy? What is that ONE thing which can make your copy stand out, and despite me wanting to press my all-time favorite delete button, can stop me from pressing it?

You see……!

While writing a copy, you are inviting a very specific action. Your end goal is generating a revenue stream, right? Just think a minute, asking someone to spend their money accepting your offer; do you really think it is going to be a convenient act for him? Why would someone listen to you and toss their hard-earned savings?

Remember, WRITING is an art. It is an art of captivating the reader’s imagination, leaving the reader in a state of awe & making him believe in what you have to offer. If you want your audience to follow you, you must win their TRUST.

Now let me tell you one thing which is going to make you win and help your copy succeed staying in the reader’s inbox and motivate him to follow your CALL TO ACTION BUTTON.

The richness of your copy exclusively depends on one & only one factor alone. How much THE READER can relate it to it? What is in there for Him & how it can add value to His objectives? Honesty will take you right up there.

Avoid trying to trick someone into doing something. THAT's WHAT SCAMMERS DO!!

No matter, how sophisticated is the vocabulary you have used, how awesome is the presentation, how brilliant is the offer; if the YOUR READER doesn’t find it applicable to his very own circumstances, your writing would be rated as poor & there is every chance it is going to end up getting deleted.

To persuade YOUR READER into performing an action, make your content focus on your READER consistently. It must be Readable, Comprehensible, Relatable & Reliable for YOUR READER.

If your content doesn’t have these features, believe me, it indeed deserves to be deleted.

Remember; It is not how you feel about your subject, it is your READER, whose opinion & feeling matter. You must pay attention to this ONE factor always.

Just like me, you would have come across hundreds of self-acclaimed, Master Copywriters across the globe, lecturing 24/7 on how can they make you write a winning copy & how you can earn 6&7 figures selling your content? Their objective is to make YOU rich; their goal is to please YOUR self-esteem and enhance YOUR image. Their focus is always on YOU. This is a dreadful perspective.

Following them, you end up using technical jargon, obscure language & ambiguous offerings in your content, which eventually pushes YOUR READER away from your content, and instead of following your call to action, they put you in their BLOCK LIST.

STAY AWAY FROM such Charlatans and Learn to write authentic content which offers value to YOUR READER.